Alen Lin | Los Angeles Architectural Photographer

The Creative Process

There are three main stages in the process of creating stunning photos, pre-production, capture and post-production. I do not outsource any component of my services so all retouching is completed in house 


Discussing the project with the client is the first set of the process. It is imperative that the intention and needs of the client is clear. We will plan the day of the shoot in advance, according to weather and lighting conditions, and readiness of the project.  We will also go over the site or floor plans, if any.


During the shoot, it is my goal to capture the true essence of the building or space. I supplement a variety of studio strobes and continuous hot lights, when needed, only to enhance and not to overpower natural/ambient light that was intended by the designer. Multiple exposures with various lighting conditions are taken.

Post Production

After the shoot, I employ 20+ years of experience using Capture One, Lightroom, and Photoshop, to manually combine the layers of exposures to create seamless composites with natural yet dramatic and compelling photographs that are contemporary, yet unique to most magazine and advertising campaigns. I retouch out any obtrusive elements. 

Using Format